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VSAT Billing Solution

VSAT Billing Solution

The VSAT terminal now includes a complete Billing solution that allows to deploy
WiFi Hot Spots, Cyber Cafes, Hotel networks and provide access to communities. The
VSAT authenticates local users via Web interfaces and enables Internet access on a
limited time basis (per hour, per day, or any other timeframe), or using traffic limits, or
without any limits at all. The VSAT owner can generate and sell Internet access
vouchers to local users. The solution can be set up to work with 3rd party accounting
software via RADIUS protocol. Internal user management interface and database is

CMS Solutions

CMS Solutions

Optimized Content Management Tools Geared for Search Engines

Creating a lasting impression on the Internet requires three things: a professional-looking website, fresh web content for your visitors and effective search engine marketing in place to get them there.  Sales and Marketing Technologies wraps these key elements into one manageable application with our ASP .NET Content Management System –or CMS–Solutions.  Whether your business is driven through website lead generation or your products are sold directly online through an E-commerce platform, SMT has the Internet presence solution to fit your needs and budget.

Building Websites that Work

At Vashala, we are committed to ensuring our clients’ success on the web, meaning everything produced in our in-house African web design studio is put through careful review ensuring top quality and functionality. Our scalable CMS Solutions allow you easily integrate functionality applications into your website including:

CMS-driven Content Pages
Blogs, News and Event Pages
Easy-to-manage Photo Galleries
Product Listings and Shopping Carts
Employment Listings
FAQ and Resource Pages
Customer Testimonial Modules
Contact Forms & Newsletter Signups

User-Friendly Content Management

All of our CMS Solutions are powered by an intuitive, easy-to-use content management system, allowing the client or administrator to make website updates with no knowledge of programming. Vashala’s easily maintained applications are manageable from any computer without installing software and include hands on client training.

Delivering Breakthrough Results

Search Engine Optimization is not only this decade’s big buzzword, but also an integral part of successfully driving business through the Internet.Our Internet Marketing team ensures that every CMS Solution we develop is optimized to rank well on the search engines, increasing your visibility and sending targeted traffic to your website.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

We have skilled marketers who haven’t got the technical background needed for the Internet. The company has IT staff that are technical, however, they aren’t marketers. With us as your partners you instantly have marketing people who are technical and can help not only with your SEO in Nigeria, but also all of your other internet marketing needs.

We already knows the stuff. We can help your company make the most of search engine optimization, rss data feeds, blogs, tweets, vseo, site maps, contact forms, domains and databases. We’ve been doing it for years. We are happy to work with your corporate staff to advise and implement website solutions that will help grow your business.

We have been providing Internet Marketing services since 2005. We have clients that have worked with us for eight, nine, ten years and longer. Remarkable seeing how we offer NO long term contracts. Pretty much everything is month to month. Our clients don’t stay because they have to. They stay because they want to.

We can handle all of your Internet Marketing Strategies for you or provide  a world class services in:

Local Search Marketing
Pay Per Click Management
Reputation Management
SEO Services
Social Network Marketing
Video SEO

Afrikgold Web Solutions Keeps Marketing Clients Because…
We prove our value every month and if you ever feel that we are not providing enough value you can stop right then and there. You are in control.

Why not give us a try!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by us. We offer a free, no cost, no obligation consultation. To arrange yours please call 08059534636,08186817081 or fill out the contact form. If you act today, maybe you will be able to boast Breakthrough Results like these:

“Our Internet Marketing team has consistently increased year-over-year sales for eight straight years.

Web Development

Web Development

Our Custom web applications are built according to client’s requirements and comprise of advanced web and enterprise portals, professional websites combining appealing design, rich functionality and robust management tools. They are built using the full potential of the latest technologies, combined with task-oriented workflows and Content Management System. Our expert team has taken part in dozens of application development projects. We are experienced in developing advanced systems with complex business logic dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. We are able to supply you with an innovative, trustworthy software solution to complement your most complicated business ideas.

First Impressions: Your website is the first impression a potential customer has about your business. Your website is your company’s image. It can either add or take away credibility and consumer confidence through the professionalism and functionality of your site’s design.

Web Design Affects SEO: To rank well in the search engines, there are important website design factors that need to be addressed. Search engines will spider through your website to find elements that are relevant to their user’s search request. Many web design factors can diminish or even block search engines from indexing your web site. Our web designers are aware of these pitfalls and use specific design and site structure techniques to make sure your website not only looks great but is search engine friendly.

Website Functionality:Getting online users to visit your website is only the first step. Once a potential customer is on your site, what do you want them to do? Does your website currently achieve this goal? Is it easy to use?
We create a website that will lead a visitor toward a specific goal. This can mean an online sale, a phone call, or a lead submission. Website goals vary from industry to industry and from business to business.We strive to understand the industry and your business to ensure calls to action are effective. Talk to us