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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

We have skilled marketers who haven’t got the technical background needed for the Internet. The company has IT staff that are technical, however, they aren’t marketers. With us as your partners you instantly have marketing people who are technical and can help not only with your SEO in Nigeria, but also all of your other internet marketing needs.

We already knows the stuff. We can help your company make the most of search engine optimization, rss data feeds, blogs, tweets, vseo, site maps, contact forms, domains and databases. We’ve been doing it for years. We are happy to work with your corporate staff to advise and implement website solutions that will help grow your business.

We have been providing Internet Marketing services since 2005. We have clients that have worked with us for eight, nine, ten years and longer. Remarkable seeing how we offer NO long term contracts. Pretty much everything is month to month. Our clients don’t stay because they have to. They stay because they want to.

We can handle all of your Internet Marketing Strategies for you or provide  a world class services in:

Local Search Marketing
Pay Per Click Management
Reputation Management
SEO Services
Social Network Marketing
Video SEO

Afrikgold Web Solutions Keeps Marketing Clients Because…
We prove our value every month and if you ever feel that we are not providing enough value you can stop right then and there. You are in control.

Why not give us a try!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by us. We offer a free, no cost, no obligation consultation. To arrange yours please call 08059534636,08186817081 or fill out the contact form. If you act today, maybe you will be able to boast Breakthrough Results like these:

“Our Internet Marketing team has consistently increased year-over-year sales for eight straight years.

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